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7 Gorgeous Senior Picture Posing Secrets

Mar 11


You’ve worked hard to get here. The years from graduation that seemed so far away freshman year are turning into weeks and it’s time to celebrate how much you’ve accomplished.

It’s time for a photoshoot, friend. Let me tell you 7 ways to feel how good you really look! I’m not your momma (moms love everything, blah blah), so trust me when I tell you that I can make your photos something YOU will be proud of too.

Here are 7 ways to find the perfect pose that makes you feel confident and in charge. Kiss the days of awkward photos goodbye.

It’s time to look good and feel it too.

 7 Poses for Senior Photos

7 Gorgeous Senior Picture Posing Secrets

 Pose 1: The Confidence Factor

First, let’s talk about pre-gaming. No, I’m not talking about Friday’s game *eye roll*, I’m talking what you do before the photoshoot.

Give yourself a little extra time to calm down. Put on your favorite song, grab a drink you love from City Brew and drive around a bit to get your mind in gear. The real kicker with photos is having fun with confidence.

One of the wisest people I know once said, “Even if you are feeling insecure, you can still fake confidence. Be confidently insecure.”

You heard me, fake it ’til you make it.

Girls, grab your favorite lip gloss.

Boys, put on that shirt that makes you feel like I’m looking real good… 

This is going to help you relax and be yourself during the photoshoot. Be ready for direction from me. I’ll tell you to tilt your head to the left and shift your chin downward a bit. 

This is NORMAL. Go with it. Laugh a little, I’ll take a series of shots, and BOOM we’ve got a great photo.

7 Gorgeous Senior Picture Posing Secrets

Pose 2 : Focus on Your Strengths

Lemme tell you a little secret….

One strength everyone has when it comes to taking a photo is…

Drum Roll Please…

Your Eyes.

You can highlight them with make up or just let them do their thing. Rest your eyes in between shots, take couple extra blinks if need be, then open wide. Let those baby blues, bonnie browns, or sea glass green eyes do most of the work.

If negative thoughts start to creep up on you before or during the photoshoot, focus on your strengths.

You’ve already got one, your eyes. Now what’s something you keep hearing from your parents, relatives, friends, etc.? Do you get compliments for your hair? Do you have runner’s legs like your Aunt, or super strong arms from playing football?

Focus on the positive and keep your mind distracted!

If there’s lag time during a shot… I’m just keeping my camera settings in check. You do you. Keep your mind in a happy place and think about what you’ll do with your friends tonight, or fun memories from this senior year!

If your friend was behind the camera, how would your body language be? 

7 Gorgeous Senior Picture Posing SecretsPose 3: Wardrobe for the Win

When picking out your outfit(s) for the photoshoot. Follow these winner guidelines:

  • Avoid solid bright colors (red, neons, etc.). It’s just going to distract from you as the subject, which is what we want to see! It’s alright to be colorful, but keep it in check.
  • Do you wear glasses on the daily? Wear them to the photoshoot 🙂 Checkout my blog for a graduate rocking her glasses.
  • Choose pieces you already own and love. They are tested, tried and true. AND make sure they look good whether you’re sitting or standing. You need a flexible look.
  • Avoid graphics on your t-shirt. This can date the pictures and if we crop a certain way or have you turned at an angle, it could capture a phrase that isn’t the best message if you catch my drift.
  • Bring a classic outfit and then a fun outfit. Mix it up a little, like a pair of blue jeans and a comfy tee for one outfit, and a dressy piece for another look.

Note: Wear jewelry that is something you wear often, or that means a lot to you. These photos are meant to capture who you are now and where you’ve come from!

7 Gorgeous Senior Picture Posing Secrets

 Pose 4: Pile on the Props

Let’s talk props! Yes, boys AND girls need to listen here. If you are a ball player, bring the gear (all of it). If you are a ballet dancer, bring your ballet shoes and outfit. Bring props that are so YOU. Do you like books, bring a couple. Do you like coffee? Bring your favorite mug.

Have a little fun with it. Heck, bring your dog! We want to really capture the essence of you in all your glory.

But, here’s the catch, you can’t just bring one thing. The photo is much more genuine if we go all out. So, if you play baseball, bring your uniform, hat, glove, and ball.

We don’t want the items to look like props. That makes the image feel… posed. We want to capture the real you.

7 Gorgeous Senior Picture Posing SecretsPose 5: Better Posture Better Photo

I’ll coach you on angles and where to put your arms and hands. Trust me, I got you.

Occasionally, I’ll have you stand at an angle and tilt your head a certain way and may ask for you to tilt your chin down. This is because of shadows and mostly about what’s going on with the light in the environment.

However, posture is up to you and it makes a huge difference. Strong posture captures the audience and gives off a strength and confidence from the subject (you).

7 Gorgeous Senior Picture Posing SecretsPose 6: Posing Tricks from the Pros

Here are three quick tips for posing that the best of the best (aka professional models) use:

  1. Press your tongue against the roof of your mouth when smiling- This helps with the dreaded double chin!
  2. Work the angles- don’t get stuck in one position. Turn to the side, kick out a leg, cross your ankles, put your hand on your hip. Have a little fun with it!
  3. Let loose- do a little dance, laugh at something funny, we want to see you have a little fun!

Want more ideas for senior pic settings and fun? Venture over here.

7 Gorgeous Senior Picture Posing Secrets

Pose 7: That Killer Smile

You’ve got the killer smile in you that just lights up the room when the moment is right. It’s full of charm and, woah, is it contagious.

But, you can’t just turn it on whenever it’s convenient… or can you?

Here’s the trick. Don’t force it. Close your eyes for a second, open them slowly and let your mouth lift as you open your eyes. It’s like a reset button.  Pretend you are smiling at someone you love.

Also, don’t hide your teeth! Show them off.  Just before you leave for the shoot, brush your pearly whites and rinse for good breath (don’t you just feel fresh all over when you use mouth wash?).

Last, but not least. Both boys and girls should moisturize your lips for extra umph! Use chapstick and bring it along with you. It can be refreshing mid shoot to pucker up and reapply.

7 Gorgeous Senior Picture Posing SecretsThanks for checking in and now, it’s time to show off what you got for 2018 graduation!  Let’s book a session.

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