Hello, my name is Alexia Leland and I am a Senior & Family Portrait Photographer based in Billings, Montana.  This is the place to catch my most recent work with my amazing clients. Thank you so much for stopping by!

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Hello World!

Feb 20



Alexia Leland Photography, Billings, MT

photo credit: Holly Gannett Photography

Hello out there! For those of you that don’t know me, I”m Alexia, most people call me Lexie or Lex.  I’m the mastermind (ha!)  behind Alexia Leland Photography.  I started this photography gig several years ago.  I got myself a “big camera” and my goal was to take “good” pictures of my kids.  Looking back at my childhood pictures, they are pretty horrible… at least quality wise and we had our eyes shut in most of the photos!  At least we have our childhood documented in those crappy images.  Despite them being terrible, I enjoy looking at them because it jogs my memory and I remember those events, moments in time.  I wanted to give my kids and generations to come, images that will last forever and document our lives.

I started snapping pics with my new Canon and they were great! (for a moment)  Then I realized the images weren’t looking like I wanted them to… I started to learn how to really use my camera, took a few classes, a lot of online studying and tons of practice!  I practiced on my kids and their friends.  Finally over time I got where I am today.  Today I look at these images and think, they are great!  I only hope to look back in years to come and see it was only the beginning.

Here I am now..years and years of not blogging, this is my attempt to do so.  I will be showcasing my work and keeping you up-to-date on what’s happening.  I’m here for you, I will capture your memories, document your life, your moment, your now… milestones, roadblocks, whatever it may be.  Check out my website, fill out the contact form and lets chat!



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