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The 5 Most Creative Ways to Use Senior Pictures with Your Bestie

May 1


Best friend, BFF, senior photo session

As Senior year creeps along while you sit in class, you’ll be surprised how fast the spring season sneaks up on you. The last four years of your life have been a mix of wild and quiet nights, full of laughter and tears, days of hard work sweat, and a little netflix sprinkled in there somewhere. And now, it’s time for senior pictures

Who was with you through it all? Who made sure you got home safe that one night, and shared a little homework with you every now and then? Gah, don’t tell Mr. Stevens how many times Jane warned me of the pop quiz coming up in sixth period (she had him second, thank the good Lord).

You know the person or people I’m talking about. And lemme tell you, YOU are lucky to have them in your life. Some people never get to experience the unique relationship you have with your people. Besties for life. 

It’s as simple as that. You’re lucky to have them in your life. Cherish this time you have with them before college hits! Before the bills start really rolling in, before you can’t quite seem to catch them on the phone because 5 years later, they live in a different state and they’re living the crazy dream they always talked about.

So, you can’t literally fold them up in your time capsule, but you can find ways to hold those memories a little closer…

Let’s get to it! 5 ways to cherish your high school friendships as graduation sneaks up on your calendar!


  • Map of favorite places

This may sound silly, but trust me it can be really fun! Grab your friend and get a piece of paper, preferably bigger than 8×11, but you can always use the handy dandy masking tape to join multiple pieces as well. Now, grab whatever drawing utensils you prefer and draw a map to your favorite places. Use the school as the central point, or your hangout house, you know, the one you are always hanging out in and causing trouble.

This can be messy, if you’re like me, or it could be flawless like my friend Allan’s work always is. When the map is complete, fold it up and save it for… wait for it… keep reading…


  • List of funny memories

While you are creating the map, you’ll realize you start remembering all these funny moments that happened at each location. Designate a friend to make a list of some of those things. If you are super organized carry on with the list and over a week or two, keep adding little memories that pop in here and there. You’ll obviously continue to make them through the summer, so why not keep adding to it?! Just don’t let THAT friend keep a hold of it. You know, the one that loses everything? LOL I won’t say names here.


Best friend, bff, senior photo session



  • Senior Pictures with your Bestie

Now this one is obviously my favorite and for more than a million reasons. There is something so… unrivaled about this time in your life. Your on the precipice of something great and moving forward at an incredible speed. You’ve accomplished so much already and  you have a strong group of supporters around you.

Give your parents this one, and let them just snap one more photo of you at this stage in your life.

We’ve all heard of the senior photo sessions and hopefully you’ve already booked yours and you’re excited about it. If you want some tips to prep you for the shoot, checkout my blog post on poses.

So, picture this (pun intended), you have your photoshoot with a photographer and you’re feeling extra adorbs when in come your friends to do a shoot with you!

These photoshoots are FUN. They are my favorite shoots to do because the laughter is practically non-stop and, you’re actually enjoying yourself. I get the best natural smiles in these shoots and parents looooove them too. I mean I get you’re over your parents right now, gah, but hey you’re about to go to college!

Let’s capture the moment with your people just before you set off on this huge journey.


  • Memory Box

Alright, time for a recap. So far, you have a map of your favorite places, a list of memories over the years, and NOW you’ve booked for some senior pic photos… with your friends! Add in little trinkets here and there and print off some photos you have on your phone.

Definitely choose some embarrassing ones and that one pic of “noname” acting… well just add it to the collection.

Moving on, now grab a box. Michaels has some good size boxes. You can always choose a cardboard box on a budget, or if you’re super techy choose one with a lock.

There are different levels to this box. Here’s what I mean:

  1. Decorate the box with your favorite quotes and put it in your closet
  2. Write “Top Secret” on the box with a lock and bury it in a secret place only your friends know about.
  3. Just put the box somewhere it’ll be safe for ten years (like in the attic with a “don’t throw away, mom” note on it)

You choose! The power is yours.


  • Plan an Exclusive Reunion

I know, I know ten years is… forever away. Like, in the un-foreseeable future it’s so far away. But the day does come.

Heck, if you want do five years or pull it out every time your friends get together again.

However, I think this way is super cool.

Put the box in a top secret place that you’ve approved of with your friends, and plan  a future get together at that place. It’s a PACT. In ten years, on “insert date and time” NO MATTER WHAT, you will show up for a friend reunion. The box will be opened, you’ll be old enough to enjoy an alcoholic beverage, of which you will maturely only have one. Because, that’s what you do… you’re awesome like that. Ahem, moms that’s for you.


I’ll leave the planning dreams to you and your friends. Got a really cool idea for it? Share it with me!


I cannot wait to see you at the friend photoshoot 🙂 Let’s get these memories on lockdown, sign up for a Friend Photoshoot!

Best friend, bff, senior photo session, pictures


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